Kareem 20, Poet/emcee & Producer. Join the "Blunt Head Swng" movement (Love,Soul,Art). Mixtape on Datpiff so look up Reem & Slayda. Also, you can check us out on


Music Ig: @reemandslayda Personal Ig @Ckmwrii

Business Inquire: theckae@gmail.com

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  • theckae:

    Sade is mines, hands down she’s mine. A pure, sweeten, ravishing, spontaneous woman with a strong untouched personality.

    HipHop Music OF IMPORTANCE .


    Like & Reblog this if you feel as if mtv should showcase and host another identical tv show of “Yo mtv raps” since REAL HIP HOP ARTIST also known as “The Underground Movement” isn’t getting any real airplay, no promotion or any form of help from bet, vh1 or any mainstream television show that…

    If I’m not rapping/producing. I’m making my “ancient cosmic” art or realism.
    Art is what kept my temper low and my mind out of trouble.
    If you guys like my “ancient cosmic” style of art let me know, I’ll start putting Up more of it.

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