Blunt-Headed Swng

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Like & Reblog this if you feel as if mtv should showcase and host another identical tv show of “Yo mtv raps” since REAL HIP HOP ARTIST also known as “The Underground Movement” isn’t getting any real airplay, no promotion or any form of help from bet, vh1 or any mainstream television show that broadcast only POP music they call rap music. So just keep Reblogging,like, retweet it to. We doing this is for the Underground Movement, no more of waiting until pass 10 o’clock p.m to hear some real fucking music and not look at a bet award with that typical old,bull crap, “Turned-Up music. Real HIPHOP needs AIRPLAY!. But, the only way that can happen is by starting with YOU, the voice of the YOUTH and the WORLD. If I don’t see any Reblogging and any retweets or likes from the moment I post this! Then get the fuck off my blog and stop awaiting your time and hip hop time. We need a real change in this industrialize Pop based on music.